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Set Aside Preconceptions About Chiropractic Care

How many people today are looking for a really good chiropractor that knows what he or she is doing?

I used to think chiropractors were a level below MDs. I even thought they were borderline voodoo practitioners who practiced bending people and cracking their bones. Perhaps it was because I was not properly informed due to the number of questionable practitioners who called themselves chiropractors.

I eventually realized there were also MDs who fell into the category of incompetency. In fact, I realized that incompetency and malpractice infected every vocation or trade. Illustrations abound when one begins to look for a good doctor, a good lawyer, a good teacher, a good mechanic, et al.

You see, there are doctors and there are Doctors! We all shop around to find the most qualified person regardless of their title or education. We all want quality, someone who is really good at what they do!

An amusing TV commercial shows a person in the hospital for surgery when the doctor staggers in late. He is dressed in a disheveled gown and when the patient asks him, “Are you a good surgeon?” he replies, “Oh sometimes I think I am.” The commercial ends saying, “Good is not GOOD enough.” And then the product being advertised is disclosed.

We all want the best, especially if our lives depend upon it. No one wants second best. Even something good is not good enough.

After my first wife died of cancer in 2008, four years later I remarried.

My health was not good. I was introduced to the world of natural health and naturopathic medicine. After I retired my first priority was to take charge of my own health. We visited Dr. Gear about six years ago and were not convinced at first because we were inexperienced of what a chiropractor was all about. Our preconception eventually turned to enlightenment, which gave us a quiet confidence that subsequently lessened our doubts and fears of how Dr. Gear practiced his trade. Dr. Gear practices naturopathic medicine as a Chiropractor. His qualification and degrees include education that rivals the education of most MDs. More important than his degrees is his experience in the field of Chiropractic Medicine. I came to him due to back problems. Based on his experience he explained the importance of the proper alignment of my spine. His method of treatment he developed is called Manipulative Surgery. When my spine was properly aligned, my hips were back in place and one leg, which was longer or shorter than the other became even again. My annual wellness exam also became normal. My heart, which was beating irregularly, was corrected along with my vital signs. The important key was the need to maintain this balance of the whole body, mind, and spirit, which required long term commitment to Chiropractic medicine.

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