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Trump Administration To Require Drug Prices In TV Ads

(CNN) Drug makers will have to start including the list price of medications in their television ads, the Trump administration announced Wednesday.

The move is the first rule implemented from the administration's blueprint to lower drug costs, which was released a year ago.

"Requiring the inclusion of drugs' list prices in TV ads is the single most significant step any administration has taken toward a simple commitment: American patients deserve to know the prices of the healthcare they receive," said Health & Human Services Secretary Alex Azar.

Lowering drug prices has been a central focus of President Donald Trump, as well as lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. The House passed two bipartisan drug price bills Wednesday aimed at making lower-cost generic drugs more available -- with no votes opposed to the measures.

Experts, however, have questioned the usefulness of providing list prices of medicine in ads, as most people with insurance pay far less. They fear that advertising list prices may scare patients away from drugs they could actually afford with their health insurance coverage.

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