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Chiropractic Care Keeps Horses At Their Best Level

Much like humans, thoroughbred athletes often need adjustments through chiropractic care in order to perform their best every day.

Chiropractor Emily Hollingsworth Clem is in her first year working with thoroughbreds at Oaklawn Park, something she has wanted to do since starting her journey in the profession.

“It's different because you can really see (the horses') reaction," she said. "There's no placebo effect with them. They just either feel better or they don't feel better...”

"In chiropractic school, I always wanted to do animal chiropractic, but I just couldn't fit it into my schedule because I was doing acupuncture, too," she said. "So, just this past year I was able to go down to Dallas to go to school and start this new journey.

"It's exciting. It's a lot different than working with humans, but it's fun."

Clem said this is her fifth year practicing chiropractic care, and working with the horses at Oaklawn this meet, she is seeing just how different these patients are from her human patients.

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