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Chiropractor Completely Changes Teenager's Life With Amazing Adjustment

Many doctors save lives, but this chiropractor changes the lives of people living in constant pain.

Dr Ian Rossborough has been a chiropractor in Melbourne, Australia, for over 20 years and treated hundreds of patients.

“I said I didn't even wanna like live anymore because of my back, I can't even walk anymore, I'm always in pain.”

In 2017 he treated a young man named Mun who was bent-double with pain and living with a curved spine and dead foot for over three months, after he pulled up a tree root.

Mun travelled to Australia as a last chance at looking for medical help when he met Dr Ian to see if he could help Mun who'd nearly given up all hope of getting better, after months of laying in bed, not be able to do anything except take pain medication.

He said: "I said I didn't even wanna like live anymore because of my back, I can't even walk anymore, I'm always in pain."

Dr Ian performed some X-rays and was able to see the best way to help Mun - this was through correction and spinal reformation.

After only one day of treatment Mun was able to experience the best night's sleep he's had since the incident three months earlier.

He said: "It was so embarrassing, but after now its like I'm so happy."

After ten days of treatment Mun was standing taller than Dr Ian - Mun was clearly very happy with the treatment, but not quite as much as his dad who burst into tears upon seeing his son walking upright.

As his head fell into his hands he said: "I don't believe it!"

Mun had made an unbelievable transformation, from hardly being able to walk, bent double, with a curved spine, to a happy, tall young man - who probably won't be pulling any tree roots any time soon.

Even with his amazing success stories Dr Ian has face controversy and criticism for his work.

In 2016 he was called out for performing a 'back cracking' procedure to a new born baby who was suffering from colic and reflux.

The treatment was criticised for being 'outlandish' with 'no scientific basis' by the president of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, Frank Jones.

Dr Ian defended his actions on live television saying: "I've been doing this for 20 years ... if there was a problem somewhere, if there was any injury somewhere, I would know about it."

"The pressure of my fingers, [it's] just the end of my finger ... the fingertip is directed to a very specific part of the child's dysfunctional spine."

Though, Dr Ian did admit that the chiropractic profession is 'light on clinical trials', but he was insistence his treatment methods and procedures are not damaging and something he would even perform on his own children.

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