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Atlas Chiropractic’s New SpineTech Equipment Brings Science-Based Results

“Atlas is all about results.” Drs. Drew Morris and Mary Shafer-Morris both believe in this pledge to their patients. Their business, Atlas Chiropractic and Wellness, strives to raise the bar in chiropractic care. They combine the latest technology with old-fashioned work ethic and integrity, resulting in maximized potential for their patients to heal.

Atlas has always treated patients as individuals. They’ve always emphasized giving a thorough exam. And that’s why Drs. Morris and Shafer-Morris are so excited about their newest piece of technology at Atlas- SpineTech equipment.

NASA originally developed the technology behind this SpineTech equipment. The sensor that’s inside the SpineTech instrument was used to measure rivets in spacecraft, to see if there were any integrity issues that would be challenged by the vibrations of going into space.

How SpineTech Works

Now adapted for use on humans, the engineering sensor has been transformed into a computer-based, chiropractic adjusting instrument. This SpineTech instrument, made by SIGMA, gently taps on the tissue area being tested. The stiffness of the tissue or joint is measured as the instrument applies light force in the form of a percussion wave and oscillating frequency. As the signal is reflected back to the instrument, it measures the spine and tissue response. This measurement is sent to the computer for interpretation.

When chiropractors manually palpate the spine, patients typically start responding with a defense mechanism that tightens their muscles. The SpineTech instrument performs this process so fast that it has taken a reading before the muscle has time to respond. That leads to better measurements and better results.  

“One of the great things about the latest SpineTech equipment is the gentleness of the adjustment while being one of the most effective Chiropractic treatments currently available.”

“One of the great things about the latest SpineTech equipment is the gentleness of the adjustment while being one of the most effective Chiropractic treatments currently available,” said Dr. Shafer-Morris.

Healing shouldn’t have to hurt. And thanks to SpineTech technology, it no longer does. Once it’s time for the adjustment, instead of giving one big manual push, the chiropractor is able to have much more control as the SpineTech instrument automatically taps the vertebrae into place. Patients don’t have to hyperextend any parts of their body, head, or neck. This eliminates potential problems that could occur if a patient has osteoporosis or vertebral artery conditions. After the adjustment, the machine reads the spine again to determine that the desired results have occurred.  

“Not only is the SpineTech adjusting technique wonderful for cutting those chronic pains, it also helps all types of headaches, including sinus headaches and many types of migraines.  I always love hearing my patients tell me their nausea or vertigo has diminished from their adjustment,” said Dr. Morris.

Integrated Services

Also according to Dr. Morris, Atlas is the only local office that offers both traditional chiropractic techniques and modern technology, such as the Atlas Orthogonal Technique, Alpha Stim Technology, Erchonia Cold Lasers, Sigma Instrument Methods, computerized lumbar decompression, and Rapid Release motion based muscle release techniques.

Drs. Morris and Schafer-Morris are proud to offer the latest and most innovative healthcare options at Atlas. Besides SpineTech and all of their other chiropractic technology, they also offer programs by the Carolinas Weight Loss Institute. Potential customers can call or text 704-443-2902 to schedule their free consultation for any of Atlas’s services. Or they can visit www.atlaschironc.com and  www.cwli.net, or check out their Atlas Chiropractic and Wellness page on Facebook.

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